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Pintér Karolina /angol/

This year I got to go to Malta with a dear collage of mine. We spent two weeks on the beautiful island St Julians from June 30th untill July 14th.This opportunity was made possible with the Erasmus + program which I am very thankful for. Our course was held in the school of Maltalingua. This institution holds courses all year around but the summer courses have teacher from the UK. On the first day of the course everyone has to write a test to be sorted to a group and then at the end of the course again everyone takes a test to see growth. The classes are fun and interactive. Instantly feels beneficial. But the best thing about this experience was that we could take out new knowledge to the ‘streets’. We had the opportunity to travel and see Malta and see the locals and learn about the history of country. And on these trips I met people from e.g. Poland, Italy, Kazakhstan and Spain. We had no choice but to use our English skills. And I think this is the quickest way to not only learn a language but to meet new people and get to know new points of views. For almost 50 years I have spoken only one language. My mother tongue. And we could say that I have become an expert of that language since I am a teacher of Hungarian grammar and literature. So for me it was very hard to except that when I try to speak a language ‘it’s good enough’. I think that the true purpose of any trip like mine is the confidence that it gives that yes other languages exist and yes it is possible to makes sense of each other with these language especially over a certain age. I am beyond thankful that I got to go and I would never trade this opportunity with anything!